Porsche 997

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The ultimate road legal track tool. German road legal.

Key data:

- Construction on a new body shell

- 3.6 l biturbo - 620 hp

- rear wheel drive

- H-circuit

- 1,320 kg fully fueled

- 997 RSR wide body

- Bosch racing ABS 10 levels

- KW Competition 3-fold with Nordschleife setup (similar to VLN)

- Chassis components completely stored in Uniball

- Welded-in cell

- Lightweight doors

- 3-piece BBS motorsport rims

- ECU Master freely programmable control unit

- ECU Master Dash

- Digital oil level control

- Brake balance adjustment

- fire extinguishing system

- Lifting system with 3 stamps

- Spoiler and splitter in carbon fiber

Unique opportunity for those who lack the hardcore racer in the current Porsche range.

The car is an eye-catcher on every track day and stands out from the crowd of other Porsches.

Vehicle was built from the body shell at Porsche specialist Skramovsky in Bavaria and further optimized over the past winter. Documentation and documents are available for this and can be viewed on site.

The main place of use is the Nordschleife. The car works excellently there, but thanks to the aero, chassis and wide track it is very neutral and easy to drive. Nevertheless, it takes effort and driving skills to be fast (clutch, shift, no ESP). You never miss engine performance and with the new Dash from ECU Master you have an overview of all relevant data and switching times. Speed ​​is measured via GPS. Lap timer function is therefore also possible. The motor parameters are saved on an SD card and can be read out.

The Sparco seats have removable ears. This means that you are legal on the road and safe on track days.

Many Porsche motorsport parts are installed, including drive shafts, stabilizer bars, chassis bearings, doors, etc.

The boost pressure can be adjusted from the cockpit in 0.05 bar steps. The adjustable ABS can be adjusted in 10 levels to the track conditions and the tire grip.

The car is currently partially wrapped. The basic color is Carrera white. Accident and repainting free.

The modifications are registered and police controls have already been mastered. However, this car is not intended for country roads or the city. The road approval offers the great advantage of being able to take out a "normal" comprehensive insurance, driving to the racetrack on your own and taking part in tourist trips.

The eye-catcher on every racetrack with manageable operating costs.

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