Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution

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Lancer Evolution
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Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VI TME LHD

1 of 618 original LHD Makinen for Europe. 1 of 200 originally red. Unique car, no conversion, original, long VIN. The car was a Swedish rally car and made 31,000 km from new.

A full history of starts is available at:

The car is in very good condition, after revision of everything. Group A. Everything according to homologation.

1) Original engine with an original turbocharger from TME. CP forged pistons, forged cranks, 290 / 109-268 / 107 catcams shafts, adjustable HKS wheels. 340 hp.
2) Drenth claw gearbox - revised according to previous owner. I passed him 1 track daya. Everything works great.
3) Sinter clutch.
4) AP Racing homologated front brakes
5) Ohlins TPX / TTX suspension - new
6) Ralliart differentials
7) Rally fuel tank - new
8) Goodridge steel braided fuel lines - new
9) GEMS ECU with ALS and starting procedure. Setup for 100 octane Shell V-power
10) Documents for the service worth over 6000 Euro in 2020.

Registered in Poland.