Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution

Main information

Lancer Evolution


Mitsubishi EVO X RS for sale

Very careful and revised with a lot of new material (demonstrable)

-Vehicle Manufactured and always maintained by RMC Motorsport
engine with Rallyart connecting rods -Engine electronics and MOTEC differentials with display and data acquisition
-Gearbox to crabots samsonas (recently revised with new clutch)
-rallyart 16 and 12 disc differentials (recently revised with new Rallyart axle shafts and bearings)
-suspension 4-way
-Brembo VO brakes front and rear (revised with 40km discs and pads)
-Turbo iconel 40km
-full carbon interior and Kevlar underside (wheel arches, Body underbody, skid plate ...)
-all original Body parts, no fiber

All homologated according to the homologation form.
For more information, get in touch, possibility of picking up street or competition vehicle as part of payment