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Street legal, track ready Mercedes 190E 2.3-16 Cosworth in good condition, incl. Extra 2.5-16 Cosworth engine (not running) and lots of other spare parts. With valid Dutch MOT.

Due to lack of time street legal, track ready Mercedes 190 E 2.3-16 Cosworth in good condition for sale, including extra complete 2.5-16 engine (not running) and a lot of other (expensive) spare parts.

Original Dutch car with matching numbers.

The car is street-legal with (Dutch) MOT, valid till 3-6-2022.

18 inch alloy AMG wheels with 225/40 ZR18 tires, the tires are worn.
The original 15 inch alloy 2.3-16 wheels are also with the car.

Except some rust on the bolted (easy replaceable) front fenders, the car is without any rust. The intention was to drive mainly on circuits and because of that was decided to replace these front fenders in case of damage.
Small damage on the front right door (see pictures), but the car will be supplied with an extra door including the wide body part.

Concerning the previous owner the engine is rebuild, unfortunately there is no proof of this. On the other hand the compression is measured recently (4th of June) which makes his story plausible. The compression pressure should be between the 12 and 15 bar with a permissible difference between the individual cylinders of max. 3 bar:
-Cylinder 1: 15.0 bar
-Cylinder 2: 14.8 bar
-Cylinder 3: 14.5 bar
-Cylinder 4: 14.0 bar

The car is track ready, with:
-Roll cage
-Adjustable Koni shock absorbers (front and back)
-Drilled brake disks (front and back)
-Ferodo DS2500 racing brake pads (front and back)
-Goodridge stainless steel brake lines (front and back)
-H & R Performance Lowering springs (part number: 29614-1), 40 mm drop (front and back)
-Plastic windows (except windshield)
-Driver: Bimarco Expert FIA-approved (expired) fiberglass bucket seat, co-driver: Raceland tubular bucket seat
driver: Beltenick FIA-approved (expired) 6-point seat belt; co-driver: Raceland IAF / MLA approved (expired) 4-point seat belt
-Rear strut bar
-The original self-leveling rear suspension is removed
-Complete interior is removed (except dashboard), because of weight reduction
-Inside of the doors replaced by aluminum panels, because of weight reduction
-Trunk spare tire compartment replaced by aluminum panel, because of weight reduction

Also a lot of (expensive) spare parts:
-Complete 2.5-16 Cosworth engine (not running), including intake and exhaust manifold
-Cosworth 2.3-16 cylinder head with valve cover
- "Dog-leg" gearbox
-Complete intake manifold
-Complete Multi-Link rear subframe
-Locking differential
-Ferodo DS2500 racing brake pads set (new)
-Original 2.3-16 alloy wheels (15 inch) with 205/55 R15 tires, tread depth: 7.3 mm; 3.1 mm; 2.2 mm; 1.6 mm
-And a lot more (see pictures)

Since 2008 the car just drove ± 4000 km only on public roads and was always stored inside, in this period the following parts are replaced:
-Brake discs + brake pads (front and back)
-Brake lines (front and back)
-Rear brake pipes
-Clutch master cylinder
-Strut mounts front
-Steering tie rod front left
-Ball joint dust cover front left
-Power steering hoses