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With a heavy heart I sell my adult toys

Seat Leon 1P1
EZ 9.10.2008 daily registration
KM stand 85.895
engine power approx. 500 HP, can be increased
TÜV until April 2022
The vehicle is in Berlin

The vehicle was built in 2009 by Rene Eder, then technical director of the SEAT Leon Supercopa racing series, using and based on the components of the Supercopa racing vehicle

A SEAT LEON FR Edition 1P served as the basis, with top equipment, with BWA engine and DSG gearbox.
All components are available from original parts dealers, e.g. Turbocentrum Berlin, or from SEAT.
The vehicle is not a “handicraft shop” and also not a “pumped up” serial engine, but in part the finest “racing technology”.
The approval part two has three sides, only the engine performance, which has been continuously improved, as well as the brakes, have not been updated.

The hardware :

Motor from the Supercopa racing car, code letter BHZ approx. 500 HP at approx. 500 Nm

- Arias steel connecting rods

- Injection nozzles for VAG TSFI up to 600 HP

- Daetsch fuel pump DW 65v

- Turbo Ktümmer TSFI T3

- Garrett Turbo GTX3071R

- GT30 exhaust housing flange 0.82ar

- Wastgate TiAL F38

- Mahle piston from Wahl / Fellbach

- Compression reduced to 8.4: 1

- Aluminum intake manifold

Engine wiring harness for BHZ engine

APR intercooler

2-mass flywheel from the Supercopa Cup

Exhaust system 3 "

400 cells, metal racing catalyst (brings great values)

Intake air section made of 3 “aluminum tube, carbon case

KW complete suspension Street Kompfort

KW stabilizer kit

Brembo 380 mm front (Audi RS 6)

Rims painted black.

Rear axle is set for racing.

New Motronic control unit.

New inlet camshaft,

New high pressure pump on the engine

6 speed semislicks 225/40 / ZR 18 92 WDSG transmission

6 discs sintered metal racing clutch

Activation of the left brake function, this is useful on the track

Div. Interior parts in gloss black with scratch-resistant piano lacquer

Recaro Sportster CS racing seats

Linea "R" Bodywork

The last test bench tuning by Florian Wiesner produced 500 hp.

The last vote on the street by Florian Wiesner has to be revised, that was not the final word.

The clutch pressure still has to be adjusted.

Since 2010, the car has only been driven for fun and a good mood, often more cleaned and cared for than driven.

The only thing certain in life is change, which is why the car no longer suits my age.