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BMW 320

BMW 320

Price: £7.412

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Ex PIPO given for 300cv.

Complete Injection, guillotines, air box but without harness or motor box.

From the autocross

Curious refrain.
BMW 320

Reynard 893

Race Cars


For sale: Reynard 893 VW Spiess 2.0. 1989. Carbonfibre monocock. Digital DASH-system with computer output. Slicks and raintyres, lot of spares included in price. Located in Stockholm, Sweden. For more info, please send email to we.racing@h...



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Fiat X 1/9

Race Cars


Fiat X1/9 1600cc tipo DALLARA,iniezione meccanica Kugelfischer,cambio Bacci 5 rapporti e autobloccante,HTP Csai.Auto vincitrice Campionato Italiano Velocità Autostoriche 2014.Primo contatto tramite Mail: RDR2@HOTMAIL.IT Fiat X1/9 Dallara 1600cc ...



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Volkswagen GTI Tarmac Rally Car

Rally Cars


Volkswagen GTI Tarmac Rally Car Here is the history and SOME of the build notes. She rolled into the shop Fully stripped down to the frame - hand stripped, bead blasted, etc Sand Blasted and ground to bare metal full shell, floor pans replaced...



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Gordini 670



Motore tipo 670-S6 n 87034 completamente revisionato, della Gordini Dauphine R 1195. 845 cc; 4 cilindri / 2 valvole (STR 4 OHV); 40 Cv Corsa 80 mm / Alesaggio 58 mm Mancante di: collettore d'aspirazione; spinterogeno, motorino d'avviamento e frizi...

Fiat Bravo

Rally Cars


Fiat Bravo Motor 2.0 V5 2OV. Upravená řídící jednotka, sériová převodovka, samosvorný diferenciál, homologace FIA (sportovní průkaz), předinstalovaný držák GPS systému ONI, 4 sady disků Speedline a Compomotive (mokré pneu použitelné na závod, suché ...



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Mitsubishi Lancer

Rally Cars


Mitsubishi Lancer EVO IX - R4 Mitsubishi lancer evo ix – r4 con documenti RS. - Assetto Raiger - Flangia 35 - Aggiornata al top 2013 Trattativa riservata – Paolo 348-7713499 - € 100.000/00



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