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---- hewland

---- hewland

---- hewland

Price: £12.353

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The gearbox has been revised, all bearings and seals are new and the gear selector. The couple is in very good condition and the powerfolw. Box reports are used. Interested buyers only. Thanks for viewing.
---- hewland

Ford Fiesta

Race Cars


Ford fiesta mk1 xr2 group2 ford fiesta mk1 XR2 GROUPE2 la course de voiture en UK au CHAMPIONNAT historique 1600 moteur à courant transversal moteur construit par course masse 175 ch 48 'weber Hewland boîte leda syspension multipoint...



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Renault Clio

Rally Cars


Renault Clio Maxi Kit car, NICHT VERKAUFT RENAULT CLIO MAXI KIT CAR, NICHT VERKAUFT Getriebe transmisions Kaps 7 sekvenciale Hydraulik, 2000 cm , 250 PS , 9000 tis Geschwindigkeit ( bis 750 TEUR begrenzt. ) , Online- Steuergerät , AP Bremsen vorne,...



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VW -

Rally Cars


VW - Porsche Motorsport 914/4 cilindri 2000 cc. vettura preparata in categoria GTS per competizioni autostoriche



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Mitshubishi Lancer

Rally Cars


FASTER / Mitsubishi Evo 8 Suspension: AG SPORTS Power: 565 hp, 705 Nm Turbo: Garret ECU: Precious margin: rallyart engine did Andres Vanaselija breaks: Wilwood Clutch: double Transmission: did Samson fuel tank: ATL to homologization ...



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Honda Civic

Rally Cars


Honda civic Type-R Honda Civic Type-R Rally car for sale Honda Civic Type-R. PRICE ONLY 12500€ Suitable for rally Class A and N4. Car improvements: PROFLEX fully adjustable shock absorbers, OMP seats, HONDA MUGEN engine control block, SPARCO st...



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Lola LOLA Team Wear



Lola LOLA Team Wear LOLA Team Wear For sale T-shirt Polo shirt Jacket Sweatshirt etc... info at magicdallara@yahoo.it