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Opel Manta

Opel Manta Opel Manta Opel Manta Opel Manta Opel Manta Opel Manta

Opel Manta

Price: £106.977

Main information

gr B
Rear Whell


Opel manta 400

This is one of the TWO safari Manta 400 Works Rally cars we have for sale.
Built and run by OPEL for Rauno Aaltonen for the 1985 East African Sarfari Rally. Both cars have a fully documented history file which authenticated.
Both cars have been fully restored over the last 5 years and have Zero Miles.
All ORIGINAL PArts have been carefully renovated and as such we can state that these are possibly the most original Safari Spec Mantas available to date. Each car comes with a spares Package inc. the Original service Boxes from the event still containing the Spare parts sent out from Opel.
Two truely amaizing examples of these real collectors items from the World of Group B Rallying.
Opel Manta
Opel Manta Opel Manta Opel Manta Opel Manta Opel Manta Opel Manta

Fiat Uno

Race Cars


Fiat UNO fiat uno motore del 128 1300cc 138 hp a 8400 giri cambio ravvicinato bacci 4 marce piu autobloccante avantreno della uno turbo su uniball e ponte posteriore con dischi auto allestita nel 2011 vendesi con carrello monoasse.

Mitsubishi Pajero

Rally Cars


Mitsubishi pajero Mitsubishi Pajero-Montero Ex dakar. Sub-campeón de España categoría históricos vehículo muy robusto y fiable listo para correr temporada 2014 todo sistema de seguridad en vigor. Deposito de 150L doble amortiguador por rueda un oh...



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Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution



*NEW PRICE* Racing suspension for Mitsubishi Lancer EVO IV/V/VI, for sale. Revised in Bilsteinmotorsport in summer 2017. Coil overs Öhlins, springs Eibach, bushings HKS. not used after revision.

Radical Radical

Race Cars


Rennwagen-Projekt ZAUBER ZR1 Im Prinzip wie Radical, nur qualitativ besser. Es gibt auch die Möglichkeit einer Straßenzulassung für dieses Fahrzeug. ALLE TEILE SIND BRANDNEU (!) Wertgutachten liegt bei rd. 35.000,- EUR. Fertige Fahrzeuge lie...



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Lancia Beta

Rally Cars


Lancia beta coupè VENDO Beta Coupé, replica GR.4 Alitalia; anno ’78 – 1600cc; ASI; ideale per uso quotidiano, impianto a gas! Oppure può essere utilizzata per Regolarità storiche e/o manifestazioni. Tutte le omologazioni e revisioni/collaudi. (in...



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Mini Cooper



Mini Miglia Forged Pistons C-AJJ 4039 plus S con rods. This Kit was offered by British Leyland Special Tuning for the 998cc A series Engine. The special Forged Slipper Racing Pistons feature also a press fit gudgeon pin (tapered for lightness) to be ...